Distinguished Solutions Company for Environmental Services
Distinguished Solutions Company for Environmental Services


Achieving leadership in this field in addition to establishing our company as one of the cornerstones of the 2030 Kingdom vision through utilizing our experience in achieving the goals of development and keeping life without any harm to the environment

About Us

Innovative Solutions For Environmental Services & Recycling has a long history and experience in the field of recycling and waste transport. Our company is licensed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Mecca with the number 4160016300. We have 15 years of experience which established us as the main destination in this field in the local market. Our company provides a set of coherent services which include recycling plastic and municipal waste not to mention that we work in accordance with a preset method that contribute in returning these wastes to its raw state and keeping the main components in addition to benefiting from it in industry which leads to a higher economical value. Our company is aware of the responsibility it bears, so it works on flexible plans to suit the changes taking place in our world. We are always keen on attracting competencies to work in our company to achieve further achievements, and ensuring that the members of our team have the necessary skills to realize our vision and carry out our mission as required.
The company is licensed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the city of Makkah Al-Mukarramah with the number 4031245353
Our services

What do we offer?


Recycling Municipal waste

We have advanced ways to recycle and maximize municipal waste, and we follow strict standards to protect the environment. As we set general standards for work that reduce the emission of any waste that may harm the environment; Because our goal is to achieve sustainable development, and to harness our efforts in order to reduce the risks of waste, and to devise means to provide raw materials in a way that reduces costs and saves time and effort, and our experience in the field qualifies us to launch a number of projects related to recycling; To achieve the leadership we seek.

We also have a number of capabilities that give us this opportunity, such as:

  • The company has been working in this field for years and has large-scale investments and highly effective projects.
  • The company has permits to establish an integrated high-readiness factory on an investment land area belonging to it.
  • A team of specialists and experts in the field of recycling and modern technologies that are monitored periodically.
Recycling Plastic Waste

Plastic waste is one of the most serious problems that face our environment and affects it negatively. Therefore, many countries sought a solution to this problem. Since we seek true development, we offer all the modern techniques that achieve the highest benefit from plastic waste as we focus on recycling it to its original state so as to produce new materials with high benefit and value. This process keeps the environment in safe hands and saves the cost of the raw materials in addition to reaching a high quality of the final products through employing our experience.

Why us

Being Unique is not just a motto, but it’s a clear vision that we have sought since we started our path. We have set an accurate plan that supports our purpose, and there are many qualities that we possess which made us in the lead such as:-

  1. 1- A highly qualified, trained and experienced team in recycling
  2. 2- Using the most modern means in recycling in order to provide the raw materials in a record time and by a suitable cost.
  3. 3- We support the 2030 Kingdom Vision for development by our projects whose outcome is for the individual and society.
  4. 4- Our work is carried out according to plans that support continuous development as we believe that coping with the changes in our life is one of the basics of success.
  5. 5- Our work is one of the means that support preserving our environment and reducing effects resulting from some industries that pollute our environmental system
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