Mechanism of Action

The work in our company is proceeding according to an organized approach and calculated steps, as the work passes through a number of stages, and each stage has a specialized team to deal with. To cover all aspects in a comprehensive manner that achieves our goals with complete flexibility and in record time, and these stages are:


Study and planning

The main focus is the study. Where we are working on studying the nature of the work and planning it thoroughly, and we put more than one perception of the costs, duration and other matters on which the work is based, a schedule of the steps that will be implemented is established according to a carefully thought out schedule, and we start in a new phase, which is the implementation phase.



The implementation process takes place within the framework of processing materials and dividing them according to their quality, and good planning to return them to their raw materials, and we are working on developing techniques for plastic materials, and an independent framework for municipal waste, and how to collect them in ways that preserve the environment and save cost, time and effort, we rely on diversity in order to achieve sufficiency Comprehensive of the various materials needed in various industries; Therefore, we study costs thoroughly to reach the best strategy that saves the completion time and the best possible cost of production.



After entry into force, we begin to produce raw materials from recycled materials, and they are divided and sorted according to their effectiveness and type, and the production phase begins in order to provide raw materials at a distinguished price and in record time, we always aim to proceed according to a mechanism that preserves the environment, and reduces attrition and waste ; To reach an ideal result that achieves the desired benefit.