Our Message

Employing our expertise in attracting distinguished competencies and distinguished global expertise of concern for the environment to achieve fruitful cooperation, discussions and partnerships with all parties concerned with preserving the environment and the field of recycling.


Our mission

Developing the circular economy in dealing with waste in the area of recycling, and providing job opportunities for Saudi citizens. Moreover, providing opportunities for young people by taking intensive training courses to enable them to develop this important industry in the Kingdom.



  • 1- Expanding the range of employment and targeting other markets to bypass the local market to international markets.
  • 2- Launching the first waste-sorting station on a high level of readiness and working on providing it with the most modern machinery.
  • 3- Establishing influential partnerships with companies and institutions to achieve environmental development goals that support our field, and our company’s goal as well.
  • 4- supporting the 2030 Kingdom Vision by effectively pursuing development objectives
  • 5- Reaching the maximum number of clients to achieve the required benefit of the services we offer.
  • 6- Spreading awareness and the proper way to deal with waste on order to reach the most suitable way to use it.
  • 7- Keeping the basic resources from being wasted and rely on recycling to provide raw materials.
  • 8- Achieving awareness of the importance of sorting wastes through campaigns that serve that purpose.