Our Team

We realize that the team is the core of any successful establishment; thus, we have set some standards that determine the acceptance of any new member in our team. We always put into account that our team members must possess many qualities, on the top of which are innovation and creativity. We believe that creativity is an effective mean to achieve the best results in our field, so we cooperate to achieve our vision fully and work on continuous development by providing our with the following:-

  • 1- Providing an appropriate working environment that encourages innovation and creativity and helps them deliver their best.
  • 2- Developing training courses for team members to maintain and bring them to the highest levels of competence.
  • 3- Establishing security and safety standards as a basic rule in the working system for maintaining the team.
  • 4- Follow-up with the members of the team step by step in order to ensure that they understand the task and that it is performed as required.

We also care that our individuals possess the following:-

  • 1- Possessing an elevated problem solving skills and critical thinking to reach the best alternatives which achieve the company goals.
  • 2- Having the ability to work in a team in addition to being cooperative to guarantee accurate results
  • 3- Possessing the ability to learn continuously as this kind of work requires gaining many skills regularly to cope with the changes.
About 500,000 tons of carton waste and 86,000 tons of plastic waste were recycled