Our approach

  • The true Islamic religion urges us to cleanliness, and to preserve our resources from extravagance and waste, and this is what we put as the first pillar of work in the company.
  • We put in front of us some rules that we abide by and do not deviate from them, such as:
  • Preserving the environment against any damage that may be caused to it, and providing means that perform the task of recycling without releasing waste that may pollute the environment.
  • Focusing on diversity to meet market needs and provide sufficient raw materials to cover society's need in a sustainable way.
  • Working to educate individuals about the value of preserving the environment and spreading the culture of dealing with waste productively.
  • Developing the recycling system to reach the best possible level in this important industry, which the largest countries in the world are heading to.
  • Conducting a number of studies with the aim of finding modern mechanisms and technologies that do the job better, while taking environmental conservation into account.